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TADIYANDI Art Collective is an organization whose members are artists collective of various forte (music, visual, theatre, literacy and performance){qtube vid:=7lPih-ysKX4&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b w:=1 h:=1 ap:=1 hd:=1 b:=0}

TADIYANDI a Visayan term for artist, "diyandi" or "alampat" means art in Visayan dialect.

TADIYANDI as world music performers started crossing paths through a common crowd of artists in Bohol and later on shared one ground with music as their universal language to communicate and relate with each other. Then suddenly they found themselves playing together the melody and rhythm of distinctive ethnic scales, modes and musical inflections accompanied by distinctive traditional ethnic instruments. The everyday use of music relies largely on the dynamic challenge that recent music can offer to people, while the need for a variation is one of the basic demands of the human being. Too much repetition makes us look forward to change, from mainstream Western Music we transcend to a more cultural approach, world music without hanging loose from our very own like that way it is played well by TADIYANDI.


Read more about TADIYANDI here! (Blogger: Merrian Piquero Soliva)

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